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How much physical activity do older adults aged 65 and over need to do to keep healthy?

To stay healthy or to improve health, older adults need to do two types of physical activity
each week: aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.

The amount of physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age.

To find out more, visit the NHS Live Well website.

Watch a short video on staying active over 60


Start with walking

If you've been doing little or no exercise, or you have a particular health
complaint, it's worth making a gradual start and enjoy yourself.

Start off walking, picking up speed gradually. The speed and duration of your walk will depend
on your personal level of fitness, but a good guide is to begin walking for 15 minutes.

Add five minutes to your walk every few sessions until you can manage 30 minutes.

You know you are pushing yourself hard enough if the exercise
makes you feel warm and slightly breathless.

Build up to a brisk walk three to five times per week, keeping a record of how long
you walk and how often can help - now you've got started set your own goals.

If you fancy some company on your walks visit the Walking for Health website.


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