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You don't have to be an athlete to be fit and live well. The great thing about exercise is you don't have to do
it all at one time. Walk, dance, or simply be active. Get fit your own way, and most importantly - enjoy yourself!
By building exercise into your life, you'll see the benefits straight away.

Getting started: with a minimum of Just 30 minutes, (or three 10 minutes sessions) most days
of the week, you will reduce stress, gain energy, and reduce risk for diseases.

Next Steps: work towards a total of 1 hour of moderate physical activity each day. 'Moderate' is activity
that makes you breathe harder and have a much faster heartbeat than when you are resting.

This will help you:

Lose and management your weight

Improve muscle strengthening and definition

Keep your bones strong

Get a lower heart rate

Get rid of anger and find a better mood

And get an improved complexion

Here's an easy way to tell if your exercise is moderate: If you can't talk while you're doing the activity, you're
working too hard. You're at a moderate level of activity if you can talk but not sing during the activity.

Did you know that strong muscles burn more calories? Muscle mass is a metabolically active tissue. In other
words, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn even when you're not working out.


What’s happening in York

Inspired? Now the most important decision is which activity you'll choose. Remember the top
tip: enjoy yourself! Please visit the Sport and Fitness page for details for events in York.






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